lots to be found on this island. Nature above all.

Koh Phangan has four completely different parts: The south, the east, the north and the west.

You'll most likely discover the south of the island first, as most of the ferries come from Samui and Donsak piers. Lots of kitesurfing spots in the south, as it's very well exposed for the winds.  If you're on a private boat trip, you won't be seeing much of the south as it's quite difficult to approach the coast (because of the reef) and the island as so much more to offer on the other coasts.

Our preferred area is on the east coast, for being the wildest/quietest part of the island, as it's hard to access most of the beaches from the rest of the island.  The best when using a sailboat to cruise along the coast and stop on a few desert beaches. 

 Haad Rin, August 2015

Haad Rin, August 2015

The North part is mostly populated by fishermen, making it a very special place for people looking for authenticity. The village called Chaloklhum has lots of charms - you'll meet all the locals in the area. You can also get the most fresh seafood you'll ever eat. We like to stop our boats there for lunch for obvious reasons.

Finally, the west part has most of the hotels, restaurants and bars but also the amazing Koh Ma. This spot is probably the best spot for snorkelling on the island. Clear waters, coloured corals, plenty of fishes to be expected. We love taking our customers who're looking for snorkelling sensations.

 Haad Yuan - July 2015

Haad Yuan - July 2015

KOH MA: For snorkelling, this is by far one of the best spot on the island. You'll be blown away by the beauty of the corals, the clarity of the water and the diversity of the marine life. The beach is also exceptionally cool - with bamboo huts where you can get a massage and authentic/very affordable restaurants. Highly recommended.

HAAD RIN: That's the beach where the full moon party happens. You would be amazed by the sand on that beach. Absolutely fine white sand. No trace of the rave party that takes place once a month (at every full moon!). Lots of cafés, shops and restaurants in this area. Also an ideal place for a swim and paddle boarding.

HAAD YUAN: Probably my favourite beach on the island. It has this good vide that you won't find in many places. Very simple yet so profound. The round rocks and the colour of the water makes it so special for spending the day there. It's almost impossible to access this beach from the land. Only boats can take you there (safely).

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